Action Launcher 3 Plus APK Download (Latest Version)

Action Launcher 3 Plus APK Download (Pixel Edition)

Action Launcher 3 is one of the most popular and most downloaded launchers for Android. Action Launcher 3 is no doubt a powerful launcher with plenty of customization options. With a material design and unique features you can quickly and easily make your home screen shine. So if you want to change the looks of your phone screen with a simple tab, Action Launcher’ is the one launcher that will help you customize things neat and tidy . Action Launcher 3 now supports Google Now “Ok Google” voice search which allows users to voice search from the home screen.

Action Launcher 3

Some standout features of Action Launcher 3 includes the Nexus/Pixel Launcher features, just swipe up from your dock to reveal the new full screen. All Apps mode, tint the dock, you can use the new circular folder style, as well as placing the Google Pill and Date widgets and more. Another feature which standout from other launchers is the Quiktheme and Covers features.

Action Launcher 3 plus

The quick theme feature lets you customized your home screen with the colors from your wallpaper. The Covers features is an innovative take on traditional folders. Tapping a Cover feature loads an app and swiping a Cover opens a hidden folder which you have customized.

Action Launcher 3 pro

The Shutters feature reveal an app’s widget which is useful for previewing your inbox or Facebook feed without opening the app. This feature saves you a good amount of your screen space. It also has the option to enable a vertical grid app tray, like most menus that slide out from the left of the phone’s screen. All your Apps are organized alphabetically, and touching a letter will automatically takes you to your apps that start with that letter.

Action Launcher

It’s Quickbar features customize the Google search bar with shortcuts and apps of your choosing. So you do not have to go to the home screen in order to open the app drawer. You can also have an alternative icon suggestions instantly, without having to tap through icon packs with the Quickedit feature. It has smart icons, so all the icons are automatically resized to match your screen. You can also use icon packs, and choose scale icons, hide and rename apps. Another wonderful feature of Action Launcher 3 is that it allows you to import from your existing layout from other popular launchers such as Apex, Nova, Google Now Launcher, HTC Sense, Samsung/Galaxy TouchWiz and the stock Android launcher as well. However, some of the features requires the Plus in- app purchase or upgrade.

Action Launcher 3 pro

Requirements: Action Launcher 3 requires Android 4.1 and up running.
File Size: 5.3MB
In App Purchases: $4.99 – $9.99 per item



Below are some of the new features added in the latest version update (as of August 20117):

• NEW: Google Now integration for all! Requires the Action Launcher Google Plugin application.
• NEW: Full Notification Dots support!
• NEW: Unread Count support extended to all apps that have a current notification.
• NEW: Android O style App Shortcuts panel.
• NEW: New “Icons & App Shortcuts” settings.
• NEW: Android O style widget picker.

Action Launcher 3 Plus APK Download (Latest Version)



Action Launcher 3 Pro App Information

Last Update: August 1, 2017
Current Version: 26.2
Requirement: It requires Android 4.1 and up running.
Content Rating: Rated for 3+
Developer: Action Launcher

Action Launcher 3 Permissions

Every app needs certain permissions to perform its functions. Below are some of the permissions needed by Action Launcher to work properly. However, these permissions are not much of a concern in terms of security and privacy. You can peacefully install Action Launcher 3 as it is from a trusted developer.

Action Launcher Version 26.2 can access accounts on the device, read calendar events plus confidential information. It can also read your contacts, text messages (SMS or MMS)call log. It can also read the contents of your USB storage, modify or delete the contents of your USB storage. It can adjust your wallpaper size, read Home settings and shortcuts, receive data from Internet. It can as well expand/collapse status bar and run at startup. It can also control vibration, prevent device from and check Google Play license.


Carlos: Love this launcher, been my default for years. Beautiful launcher. Full range of unique customization.

Justin: Loving it so far, really great launcher.

Ron: Can’t find anything bad to say about this launcher

Jorge: Great developer. Coming from Apex, this is worth the money.

Dylancla : Love it been using it now for 5 years

Nick: This launcher is amazing. It is very customizable. Probably the best launcher around there.

Oren: Excellent launcher, the best!! I have tried other launchers and get fed up with them quickly. Can’t remember how long AL has been installed now. So customization and has real time saving features. Continues to make me smile when I use a shutter to quickly launch an app that I know I would have spent time hunting down. Continuous updates keep it fresh and interesting. Love it.

Luke: I never spend time writing reviews, but this is the best launcher around. I can fit all my needed apps on one page, and the rest are just a Swipe away. It’s fast and intuitive, definitely worth a try.

Ishmael: I don’t normally use launchers but I got tired of touch wiz I tried Microsoft launcher and a couple others and I did not like any of them then I came across this launcher and within two hrs I upgraded to the full version I am loving this.. Now I know what the hype is all about..

Daniel: Best launcher I’ve ever found!!! Always up to date. Only thing missing is the option to toggle widget padding, and the date WITH the weather on the pixel pill widget! If they add that it would be a full 5 stars for me.

Akhil: This is by far the best lag-hassle-issue-glitch-free launcher I’ve used. Only concern-Google Now along with the launcher. Got used to swiping left for Google Now. Please guide me how to enable it. Kudos!!

Mark: Looks great and works for the most part. I’m finding that alot of times I go home and it doesn’t load my icons until I press home again, or it takes a few seconds.

Chris: Wow, IMHO this is the best launcher I have ever used. I love the new Pixel style look and features and the Google Now integration, but it’s the extras, like the Quickdrawer and Quickpage that make it truly unique. Plus it is so customisable and simple to use. Definitely worth the small amount required to upgrade to Plus if you choose to.

I’m really loving this app, so far. I’ve never been able to organise my apps on my home screen so until I started using Action Launcher. I went premium pretty much straight away because everything offered was miles ahead of the other popular launchers.

Travers: I’ve been using this launcher for 6 months, which is the longest I’ve ever stayed with a launcher. I can’t recommend this enough: the flexibility of customization with gestures, the stability, the quicktheme menu – I find it to be the best kept secret as far as Android launchers are concerned. Give it a try!

Prakhar: One of the worst Launcher ever used. For every feature it ask to buy it. I am better off with stock launcher. The July update is fantastic! This app is a promising contender to Nova Launcher and has innovative features. The only thing I would request is being able to have folders in the app drawer, as it is my favourite feature from Nova

Marco: The best launcher in the store. It could load huge icon pack really fast. Huge amount of customization. It has very beautiful design. And consume less ram.

Trevant: Super cool, with awesome features and functions. Nothing but excitement playing with all the configurations on here lol. Get it and try it out! ??

Jonathan: So far I’m thoroughly enjoying the customizability, sleekness, and minimalist qualities of this launcher. But I’ve only had it for an hour or so. Time will tell.

Lio : Hi, loved this app since forever. Thanks for the Google Now integration. Just a question. Running AL on a Galaxy S8 with Android 7.0. For some reason, Action Launcher won’t allow me to set Google Now as an action in the “Swipe From Leftmost Screen” option. I can only set it from “Swipe from Rightmost Screen” or “Swipe Upwards” (my current setup). Would appreciate any feedback on this, thanks!

Download Action Launcher 3 from Play Store

To download and install Action Launcher 3 from Google app store Play Store, just open your Google Play app from your device, once opened, on the search bar, just type Action Launcher 3 and tap the search icon. Wait for the search results to display, now look for Action Launcher 3, tap on it, select install and wait for the download process to finished. Once it finished installation process, open the app from your home screen and follow the on screen instructions. There is nothing complicated, just play with it or tweaks around to change the looks of your screen as you wish.

Get Action Launcher 3 from Play Store

Action Launcher 3 Plus APK Download

Please be careful when downloading apps outside of Play Store. Some apks files may contain malicious software which could harm your phone’s security. It is best to be cautious before downloading or installing any app from outside of Google Play Store. It is recommended to download Action Launcher Plus APK only from the given link below.

To download Action Launcher Pro APK, open your web browser or click the link below. Once you clicked the link, the download process will starts automatically. Once your download is completed. Open the downloaded apk file and begin the installation process. While installation, please follow the instructions carefully. Also note that you might need to change your phones security settings to successfully install the app. To do this, just go to your Phone Settings, then to Security, under Security Settings look for Unknown Sources, check or select to allow your phone to install apps from sources other than the Google Play Store.

Get Action Launcher 3 Plus APK

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