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Arrow Launcher Download APK (Latest Version): Arrow Launcher Review

Arrow Launcher is a launcher developed and offered by Microsoft Corp. for Android smartphones. With a simple User Interface and minimalist design, it has become one of the most popular and download Android Launchers app. Arrow Launcher is light and efficient which aim to simplify and personalize the Android experience. Arrow Launcher is packed with battery and memory saving technology, so not too much strain on your phone memory and battery. Unlike other Android launchers Arrow Launcher uses a specially designed algorithms to show you the frequent apps, contacts, and recent documents on the home screen. Which means it displays the most recent items and not by app but by content.

arrow launcher

The more you use it, the better it gets. Compared to other Android launcher apps, it does have a fewer customization options, with Arrow Launcher, you can’t change the app icon sizes and font styles. Now, let’s see some of it’s main features. Arrow Launcher is available worldwide and is translated into all major languages.

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arrow launcher review

Setting up only takes a minute, once Arrow is set up, the interface is much simpler. It begins with your recent pictures, followed by other contents such as downloads, videos or recently contacted people. It not only gives you a beautiful experience but also keeps your work and life in a organized way by integrating with Bing daily updates such as wallpapers, Wunderlist and Microsoft Office. It is designed to keep you fast by finding, launching and getting back to your favourite apps and contacts. Arrow Launcher makes your life easy by finding your favorite apps, keeping in touch with friends with ease.

It arrange your apps to your heart’s content, or have your apps ranked based on daily usage. All your favorite apps show up on the start page, and swiping right takes you to your most-contacted People. Another swipe takes you to your Notes and Reminders, the next swipe leads to Widgets. Finally, one more swipe takes you to Recent.

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With Arrow Launcher you can quickly get back to all of your recent activity: phone calls, text messages, photos, file downloads, and your app installs. It also has a reminder feature, which you never forget anything again. With Wunderlist integration, you can access your reminders everywhere on your PC, on the Web, and even on your phone. It also lets you access your most important Office documents on the cloud, and also easily share them with friends.

Arrow Launcher has just three basic screens displays by default. However, you can add up to an additional two screens, one of which is a page for Widgets, and the other for Notes & Reminders. Another plus point is that, the ability of replying a WhatsApp message from anywhere, making use of the interactive notifications. It also comes with a notification badges, which lets you see the unread count on your app icons. Also, the ability to use custom icon packs, and double tapping the screen lock the phone.

arrow launcher download

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Arrow Launcher Requirements
It requires Android 4.0.3 and up
Current Version:
In-app purchases: None
Size: It varies with devices.


Arrow Launcher Reviews & Comments

Darwin: Arrow is just getting better! Revamping the Utility Hub and having a nice calendar for schedule in there is awesome. Not to mention that I am fully dependent on Wonder list so it’s Integration is really awesome. I find the swipe right to Utility Hub similar to IOS though. But it’s like part of my human brain to swipe right and see all the necessary information I need. Great work of masterpiece. Note: it crashed on me twice. I don’t know why. I’m on Huawei P8 Lite (2017).

Makes Android somewhat bearable after using WP for years. Would be great if it would tie in with the outlook app more (Utility page widget for emails, calendar, etc present in Outlook). Weather/clock function is janky. Other than that pretty decent. Still no WP… but much better than any other launcher 🙂

Kenneth: Clean launcher with a fully customizable utility page on home screen with the ability to stash certain, or all, apps. Your home screen can actually be a clean unobstructed picture of your choice with a couple switched toggles. Search for anything on your phone in search. I could go on but it said a short review. Remember… All other launchers can do the same thing but they all bring limitations. So switch into KOOL mode with this launcher. Do I get my free upgrade now? Just kidding ALL OF IT IS FREE.

Very stylish, clean and useful launcher app, probably one of the best if not the best launcher app on the Play Store. I’ve been using it for almost a year now on my previous and current device as well. Deducted one star since there’s no option to change lock screen wallpaper on my Moto G5 Plus. Do something about it and you’ll get that one remaining star as well. Cheers!

Karan: Fabulous launcher I have ever seen. Fully clutter free and lovely UI. I am totally loving it. But there are some drawbacks too. There is a problem with vertical scrolling. Vertical scrolling is a very cool feature but when you install any new application, its icon will not be shown anywhere.

Sugar: Best Launcher for Android. Really simple UI, fully customisable, fantastic for syncing multiple accounts on different platforms (ie. Google and Microsoft). Only reason it doesn’t get a full 5 stars from me is there are still a couple of tiny bugs that aren’t major, but just annoy me a little. For instance the inbuilt calendar widget will only display the correct color for some of my accounts, others have no color coding at all.

Star: I love this launcher. I also love how you can swipe up to get shortcuts instead of swiping down (with all these extra steps.) The UI is sleek, amazing and functional. I am also a Windows user and like to keep my tech consistent so I want to switch to Windows phone when they have merged windows 10 OS with mobile completely instead of having a Windows 10 mobile OS. 🙂

Nameer: 1. There are some serious problems with idea suggestion page, that I couldn’t type a email address or Name there. What I type appears in the description box. 2. Search box is always searching even if I type a link there. It should be changed like it should open up the link if search string is a link. Still, very comfortable, bearable and easy to use stuff. Liked very much. Hope you will fix the bugs.

Julian: This is a great launcher. Very well thought out. Just as good as Nova although not as many features but that’s ok. I like to switch things up on my phone. But there are some launchers that I stick to for very long periods of time. I pretty much have settled on Nova launcher as the best. But This launcher may be my phones face for a while.

John: Google was very limited, especially about privacy of files, folders, and apps so I’ve looked for a launcher with features for those contents. I’ve tried two or three, but they were either too complicated, or took up too much RAM, or would stop. Arrow is easy, uncomplicated, offers many options, and efficiently does what I need. Thanks, Microsoft!

Brian: Simple, fast and beautiful. Something I admired about the Windows phone was that they put the information you needed in front of you. The bad part was the lack of apps. With this, I get the info I need and the Android app ecosystem. The only thing it doesn’t have I wish it did is the ability to assign an icon to home screen folders. Update… Two months later, and u still love the app.

George: I have been running the stock launcher on my Note 4 for years and just tried the arrow launcher, I had struggled with battery burn and this new launcher seems to have resolved that completely. That alone is worth using Arrow. Nice work Microsoft! (I was surprised to see ms built this).

Sanidhya: Based on my experience this is the best launcher you can get on play store! It has many features and also a good & decent look. It just a minor issue that some highly space consuming apps disappear from your home screen when you restart your device(as i faced it on my ‘mote e ‘, also please tell some suggestions to improve this) otherwise its the BEST LAUNCHER☺

Mess: I would like to suggest few tweaks and features. – Icon name search in app icon edit mode. my icon pack has very huge number of icons this would make lot easier. – the app drawer doesn’t reset to it’s first page when I open it again. I don’t know if it meant to be like this or not.. but please add a toggle to disable this. – please add more gestures.. and I suggest: swipe up open app drawer. – (I don’t how describe this) when I toggle on “Always show search bar” the search bar shows up like individual widget on each page. It would be better (in my opinion) if it was a single search bar doesn’t get affected by swiping pages.

Abrar: The launcher is working great. At first everything was working fine but then after an hour or so the weather widget with the clock is not displaying the weather and the booster widget also seems to not display the percentage. Also the weather widget seems to be slow a little. Please fix this in your next update. Thank you.

Eliezer: Its very good. Only one problem: When I clear the recent apps list, the launcher also disappears and comes back. ** The above problem got solved by itself after a reboot.

Tony: Simply gorgeous..its hard to believe this is a MS product I don’t even like launchers. The way the app drawer functions and the same with gadgets. It starts where left off rather than top of page. Brilliant!! I’m purchasing OneDrive over Google Drive as a result of this launcher and the beauty of OneNote. I joined the arrow beta team. I don’t have anything to offer, but there are some super dedicated testers. Bravo MS on these new Apps.

Markme: [update].. Bravo…. Im so speechless with this launcher.. I’ve tried many launchers before but they are not suit on me… I guess this is my life time launcher…. From the wallpaper… Etc.. Bravo keep it up.. I should give a 100 starss…bravo.. Keep it up.!

Davit: I despise Microsoft and that’s because why I’m avoiding even trying this launcher out but, this is the launcher I dreamed of! Minimalistic, easy to adapt, very fast and also has high performance mode, let alone you can seamlessly run the launcher if you own medium-to-low performance device it disables all that distracting and stupid time and battery wasting animations. Just the best launcher if one prefers minimalistic one, you can even remove all apps icon, wait whaaat?! :O

Chris: Loving the clean and simple design, and it is nice and fast too. Would just like to see better app drawer customization. Maybe the ability to sort apps by category (yes I can create folders on the home screen, but I prefer that to be clutter-free). Ability to adjust spacing between icons would be good too. Also widget spacing could be improved as it insists I must have a lot of dead space around some of my widgets currently.

Christopher: This launcher is truly nice. But, it could be better still. Here are my suggestions: (1)Please make it possible to enlarge the size of the icons bigger. The icons are still not as big as expected even at largest magnification. (2)The icons that came with it are too plain simple. You sure can improve on this. (3)Give the option to select and use a jpg or png picture file as an icon. I do this with WP Launcher Pro that I’ve been using on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 for over 3 years on now. Still the best. It allows the widgets that other launchers crash to run smoothly. Thanks.

Jonathan: This is the best thing for my life career and just phone. AMAZING #THE BEST It lets me add so many more apps to my home screen so I don’t have to swipe I can.just unlock and do what I got to do. Thanks Microsoft.

Husnain: Fast and minimalist. Probably the best launcher available right now. However, I do feel like Microsoft released this just to collect more data about people as the app asks for a lot of permissions (which I have all rejected).

Aniket: Super cool. Better than touch wiz and like always excellent user experience. Only thing that bites me is the power consumption, it gobbles up huge percentage of power as compared to it’s latter.

Mehrdad: I’m a Windows user , I work in IT field . Last time I used Android it was on version 2 so when I switch to Android 7 it was so confusing , everything was so complicated , shaded and … Until I installed this launcher. This luncher will organize everything for you. Now I feel at home

Daithi: I used to have the default alcatel launcher which brought out one of the worst updates ever. This launcher is absolutely superb and much better than any other one.

Kyle: I’m torn between using this and Nova on a daily basis. While I love the features of both, I’m going to stick to using Arrow Launcher for a while. It’s smooth, fast, highly customizable, and integrated with Bing. Win-Win.

Jordan: Nice! Great launcher. I like the most-used auto organization more than placing each icon myself (though now you can do that too). Would love if in the app drawer, you could click on a letter on the left to be able to jump to any letter — Windows Phone style!

Tan: App seems to use a lot of ram. When i open there apps it lags/takes too long. But finally got a launcher that can gesture swipe down for notification that has no ads. Solved the Irritating xperia swipe down from middle shows the apps instead of it. Thank you.

Flavio: Awesome app! I just hoped to see a couple of things: 1. A better time/weather widget that scale appropriately and follows the app design guidelines, which resembles the fluent design system; 2. A better treatment of third party widgets in general which have some issues on scaling (but nothing to bother that much); 3. Better animations, they are good but need some refinement and “fluentness”; 4. Note widget integration with real OneNote (as well as the reminders widget — why the hell does it sync with Wonder list if it’s dying?); 5. Syncing across devices of notes and reminders and general settings; 6. A more suitable version for tablets, mainly when it concerns to the news card that sometimes get awfully big in my 10.1 tablet (which I’m aware is quite .

Thomas: Possibly the best user interface I’ve used on any phone to date. Extreme elegance meets unparalleled productivity thanks to a very intuitive design. Waiting for Microsoft to release a Surface phone that ships with a similar launcher out of the box. Props up to the developers, great job guys! 😊

Luis Meza: Windows 10 needs a little work, but overall it s pretty nice, Edge rapidly became my favorite browser, and now this launcher with Cortana on my Nexus, which feels really clean, I can’t believe I’m starting to really like Microsoft again.

Akash: Excellent …. Best launcher in such a low size … I use nearly 15 launchers like apus , cm , google ,zu etc … But now staying sith this permanently .. I am reviewing this after use near about a month … So highly recommended for everyone who are searching a launcher … Double tap lock is best ……. Wallpapers are very nice in just 140 kb … hd pictures …

Cornelius: Google are distorting information now through algorithms. I’m ditching all my Google apps. This launcher is excellent.

Ed: Very clean and smooth. Still learning my way around, but much more intuitive and user-friendly than native Android interface. Pleased to see a Microsoft product that is an improvement over it’s predecessor! Now…about that Windows10 circus….

Omkar: Love it, does lack a bit of features like direct access to app drawer by sliding up. And option to add widget to the left side recents page but for its age it’s definitely good and going in the right direction.

Mark: Terrific app… If you’ve an annoying and invasive phone overlay then this brings the sanity back… The refreshed daily wallpaper is terrific too…

Karl: Best launcher ever! One idea though: please add the option to open the app drawer by swiping up and closing it by swiping down, that would be great!

Zlatko: Awesome. Some glitches, not immediately syncing the icon count number on Gmail’s new messages when manual refresh is on, but otherwise, great app.

Shubhra: Great for iPhone like spotlight search and left most page with frequent contacts, apps etc vertical scrolling of app screen saves time expandable dock – all great features.

Kaushik: Clean and with some neat features. Works as intended. Only suggestion , can improve arrow folder icon pack. It’s bad.

S: Love it!! the unique features are worth it 😉 THE BEST LAUNCHER EVER!! BETTER THAN NOVA AND APUS AND APEX AND SMART AND EVERYTHING ME!!!! I love this launcher I’ve tried so many others and this one is truly awesome😃

Itzz: Awesome Microsoft product. I have used so many launchers and I change them frequently. And this is really one of the best launchers available there. Not much boring customisation. Its speciality is its simple feel and premium look. And Bing daily wallpapers are the best.

Yashvardhan: The launcher is quite light, and has a really simple yet elegant UI which makes it really attractive. I dumped my stock launcher for this, you really should try it!!!

Brynxx: Best launcher so far. What makes it different from the rest is you don’t have to pay to get rid of the ads cause it doesn’t even have ads in the first place. Keep up the good work.

Paolo: Fast performance good ram management. adding apps to folders is a bit tedious, i hope they do something about it.

Phillip: Very light, smooth launcher. I prefer it to the Google launcher for the ability to change the grid size of the home screen. I use 5X5. Seem to work better than the other launchers I’ve used

Peter: I love the minimalism of this launcher, it is highly customizable and has many interesting features, but the most important thing for me is that you can easily disable all of them.

Mostafa: Great for customizing and arranging your phone. Only now I can coup with the unorganized android system.

Segun: Clean looks and fast performance. My favorite launcher so far. Also, a lot of tiny features here and there that really help for productivity.

Daniel: I come from iPhone this (galaxy s8 plus), is my first a android I always wanted a windows phone but no one ever make the perfect phone so I install this launcher and is better than the Samsung default and is the perfect mix between the ios Android and we love it.

Troll: GG, nice game, i love how Naruto helped Goku kill all the titans, while Luffy become Hokage, at the same time Leonardo Dicaprio become president of United States of America.

Hoender: Thank you for this, at least now I can bare Android without wanting to throw my phone against the wall.

Jorge: I’ve used most of the top rated launchers, including Apex, Nova, Google Now, and more… Very smooth, fast and easy to use, as well as the most visually-appealing, so far this one is my favorite.

Sahil: I removed lifestyle from news interest so my news feed won’t be filled with Bollywood news but after initial use my feed is filled with cricket news. Do I disabled sports and my feed is filled with PAN card news. Will be great if you guys randomize categories and show me top news rather than filling it with same topic.

Varun: The app is in good condition, but it drains battery rapidly in previous version. Now, this version is very impressive and whole development is achieved in very good manner, thank you so much 😊….

Rod: I have been using this launcher for over a year, and it just gets better and better. Thanks Arrow 😎

Nicole: Love this Arrow launcher. I’ve tried so many but the phone always lags. Once I found and tried this one I was in love. 👍

David: Very good, useful features, excellent battery life. Been using Now launcher, also good bit sticking with Arrow Launcher.

Evan: I wish live tiles were available like windows phone. Also, arrow wants to merge contacts, but I would like to be able to pick and choose the ones that it offers.

Zuhaib: It’s a very good launcher which makes everyday brighter 🔆 More use it…. More you’ll love ♥ it. Only one question in mind! Why Microsoft don’t develop these kind of useful apps for Windows Mobile???????❓

Paul: You will love this Launcher😁 It brings order to the chaos of the android system.

Parsalmon: A great simple launcher with many useful features! It would be nice if you could sync your Google account, as well as a Microsoft account.

Mahmoud: Amazing launcher. Utility page looks like what i was searching for to match iOS widget center. Only comment is to make option to change folder style and make icons bigger. Also make the customization options to be like the one in Evie Launcher, it’s much easier. Other than that…. Perfect.

Pete: Would be good if the calendar widget worked with Google calendars. Although signed in and selected the calendars I’m interested in, they do not show up 😳

Dan: I like this more than a standard launcher. Its much easier to see your apps in a vertical view and to have all your recent items in one place with one swipe.

Mathew: The best of Android, Windows mobile and iOS features in one! Like pull-down to quickly search for apps and contacts.

Deepansh: wow after nova this one is my new favorite. simple and good UI but sometimes it gets stuck i m sure developer will fix it soon thanks Microsoft..!

Gear: Very good excellent product i liked and uses it all launchers in your compete are losers This was is will the best launcher in the whole world.

Arrow Launcher Download

Overall, Arrow Launcher is good Android launcher app, it is just as fast as other launchers. It’s definetly worth trying. Get Arrow Launcher from Google Play Store.

Arrow Launcher APK Download

You are advise to download Arrow Launcher Apk from Here only to keep you safe from unwanted malware or virus. If you have problem installing apk, please make sure have allowed installation of apks on your device by enabling “Unknown Sources” under your Security settings.

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