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If you are a person who loves to personalize the looks of your phone, look no further Buzz Launcher is the number one choice for you. Buzz Launcher is known for its customisation options, it comes with a sets of themes, widgets and many more. Buzz Launcher is an innovative Android Launcher with a simple and clean user interface. It is completely free, and one of the most downloaded Android launchers with millions of downloads and maintain a 4.4 ratings on the Google Play Store. Above all, it comes without annoying Ads, and its one of the highly customizable launchers available in the market. It has thousands of free themes to apply your home screen.

Buzz Launcher

Some of the main features includes changing between multiple smooth, fast, and easy Transition effects. You can view and download all Homepacks in a glance at For easy access and discovery the the Buzz Launcher homepacks are grouped in a magazine sytle layout and to allow browsing by Category, Staff Pick, Hot and New. Further, categories are divided into sub-categories such as Functional & Style. Again under functional ther are options like Killing Time, Health, Education, Hobby, Kids, Photography, Sports and many more. Style gives you options like Cartoon, Classic, Romantic etc.

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Downloading and appling new home screens is easy, you can replace with just a touch of a button, instantly. It will give the option to either replace it with your current homescreen or append it to the existing homescreen. Personalize your homescreen with robust icon, wallpaper editing features. You can select whether you want to have the notification bar and the page indicator bar on your homescreen as well.

buzz launcher review

Another great thing about Buzz Launcher is that you can almost customise every aspect of your homescreen. A long press or tap anywhere on the homescreen gives you two options to Add Items and Decor/ Wallpaper. From the Add Items option, you can add apps, widgets, shortcut, folder and launcher apk

With the Decor/Wallpaper function you can change the wallpaper such the grid layout and also set the margins asl well. You can also You can also change the appearance of the homescreen, such as status bar, page indicator, labels, lock screen and many more. It let you share your finished home screens with a single touch on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

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Buzz Launcher Additional Information

Last Update: January 30, 2017
Current Version:
Requirments: It requires Android 4.0.3 and up
Content Rating: Rated for 3+
Developer: Buzz Launcher Team

Buzz Launcher Reviews & Feedback

Jay Pixie: I’ve been using this app for years now. I love it a lot, it made me happy that I could make themes and share for people to use, until I lost all of it because home pack buzz doesn’t seem to allow logins with google+ anymore. Is there a way, it could ve fixed? because even when I try to make a new account on a different app(ex;twitter,kkt etc) it says Error all the time?

Alejandro: I love the customization and the way you’ve set it up so that anyone can upload/download other people’s home packs. I would like to see folder wallpapers as this would give another aspect into the great customization that this launcher has. Thanks đŸ™‚ Update: This launcher doesn’t support transparent navigation buttons or I’m too confused to find the setting. If it doesn’t please add this!

Andrew: Buzz is the best customization launcher available for Android. I have tried many but always return to Buzz. At first, the limitations of the icons can be an issue until i realized that my preferred method is to create wallpapers with icons embedded into the wallpaper. Then it was a simple matter of using transparent icon overlays. I have tried many setups with Buzz and have settled on a purpose built 3 page design with different wallpapers, icon sizes and incorporated widgets with specific designed surrounding framed wallpaper backgrounds. Buzz is only limited by the user and their ability to.

Melissa: I’ve tried many launchers & BUZZ is by far THE BEST! Allows you to customize your phone using others themes or create & share your own! Anyone that rates this poorly obviously has no creativity or appreciation for those that do! Like I said, I’ve tried MANY other launchers before Buzz & NO other can compare!!!! -customize icons ✔ -customize Widgets ✔ -customize # of pages ✔ -interact w/ others ✔ -make friends all over the world ✔ -share idea’s ✔ -Developer Support ✔ -UI friendly ✔ ⚠WARNING ⚠ IT’S HIGHLY ADDICTIVE!⚠ I am NOT PAID for this review!

Wood: had been using go launcher for a couple years, largely satisfied. But the i came across buzz launcher. I really like the amazing customization right down to the sizing of icons.. And primarily that you can remove app labels!

Bennett: There is very little I could say this app needs. One small thing would be an simpler way to make your icons, although I have managed to make a few using cut and paste from a sketch app. But otherwise this is a wonderful launcher with a plethora of options. You can spend (or waste) time making your own themes. Infinite possibilities!

Claudio: Best launcher ever!!! Fast, reliable, lots of customization. Great gestures, nice effects. Some improvement can be done only in the “theme” section: I’d like to change only some icons, not to be forced to get the whole theme. After updating to Nougat, letters column in app drawer disappeared. Please fix!

Adni: The benchmark of all FREE launchers! Hands down the best free launcher in the store. Reasons being: It has lots of customization options. I really like the multiple wallpapers, one for every screen. Secondly it is easy to setup and I don’t feel like uninstalling it because I can’t find my way like in other launchers. Thirdly, and this is very important, it shows unread badge counts even for Gmail without asking me to buy the launcher or install extra apps just to show badge counts. It also does not “boost” the phone without your permission like other launchers. Well done developers! Please do not change the launcher too.

Chibueze: I love this app so much and I’ve used it on all my android phones and I won’t even stop using it, but please can you transition effects on the app drawer setting using that one pattern is boring. Buzz launcher is the best so far no competition on that.

Naimyst: It’s the best Launcher, that I’ve ever used! (And I’ve tried out a lot of them..) Tons of customization, and you can even backup your screens so that you don’t lose them. Altogether, it’s a must to download if you’re a personalization addict like me. I absolutely adore the partner apps, Buzz Widget, and the Theme Wizard. I never plan on leaving this company. Edit: There is one bug that I’ve noticed recently… I have a Galaxy S6, and with the new update for Android, the App Drawer glitches around a bit (the vertical list scroll direction).

Dhruv: I’ve tried many launchers like nova, Google, action launcher, Go launcher etc. but this launcher is the best. It has so many options to customize the home screen. The only thing I found missing is the ability to save the downloaded themes. Every time you have to download the already downloaded theme once you change your theme. Otherwise this is the best launcher. Love it. Keep it up developers. Thanks for giving such a wonderful launder.

CF: Google + SIGN IN NOT WORKING! One of the best reasons Android is better than anything IOS. Creative, fun and gives you the freedom to do practically anything you want to the look and feel of your own user interface. Or if you’re not so creative then download other beautifully designed homepacks made by the Buzz community. Amazing. Love the latest update and thanks for folder linking.

Kevin: Rooted s3 agat kernel oc 1.8ghz no lag best launcher ever!!! Update please help!! Block blue light has disappeared from my notification bar. Ive updated turned off and then back on to no avail.

Heather: After years this app is still the best launcher, and I have tried many. My only, only complaint is that it deactivates the second screen on my LG v20, which has me searching for a different launcher (so far nothing comes even close to Buzz).

Kelsie: My one and only launcher. It’s by a long shot the best one on the market. Unfortunately, as of recently I have been having issues with my account and signing in. My Google account is how I sign in but for some reason every time I try to get on my account it says an error message. Also when I tried to solve the issue with the steps buzz posted on the notices page it still wouldn’t work. After trying numerous times, with no improvement I now sign in and it’s as if my account never existed at all, with a pop up saying my account does match their records😦. Please if possible can you fix this. I usually love this app and on it.

Sue: It will bring out the Artist, hidden in all of us, so enjoy this AMAZING APP AND get in touch with you secret side & find out your inner artistic’s style. YOU might surprise your- self does your inner artists come from the time or just resonate towards Mannerism, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassical, Romanticism, Realism, Impressionism, Post Impressionism, Fauvism Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Abstract Expressionism, Op-Art, Pop Art, Minimalism, and of course you have the many varieties of our current culture… SO my advice is, especially in today’s hectic and stress filled 🌍, take time out and just have.

Yadu: Its the best launcher which i ever got. I had tried 80 launchers but its the best in it high speed launcher no hanging and the lock screen works superb fast.

Gary: I really like this launcher. I have tried most of the ones in the Play store. They were all good. Nova was my favorite. One of the things I like most abut Android is the ability to customize it without having to be an expert. To customize Nova, I had to be smarter than I was. I tried the Buzz launcher and found it light on resource hogging, not overloaded with ads, and easy to customize.

Arjun: Its deserves 5 stars.. By the next update please make the password of screen do not visible. While we draw a pattern the lines shouldn’t visible.

Tarun: Great customization. Best launcher and giving it for free. You just have to know every option and that’s it and you can change your phone but it’s some difficult to customize.

Daniel: I used this launcher a long time ago, for the longest time my default launcher had been nova, I’ve used go launcher, my color screen which is pretty similar too, but from all of the launchers out there and I have tried them all, this one is at the moment the best when it comes to customization.

Karen: I love this launcher. After using Nova for so long, I didn’t think I would find another launcher to beat it. I wanted a change, so I downloaded and tried all of the most popular launchers including some 3D. I found there was always some aspect that I didn’t like or were a bit buggy. Buzz has everything, loads of customization, organisation and everything works so smoothly 10 out of 10.

Shadab: My god never seen something like this custom png widget feature is awesome and with no ads really best launcher available in play store.

Angelica: I really don’t do app reviews but this app deserves a good one! The best launcher I’ve ever tried, themes are simple yet really classy. There a lot of features to choose from and it is free! Worth downloading!

Suresh: One small help can u tell how to keep icon on background app, since Icon can able to edit only in wallpapers page. Can you change Like other launcher since in other launcher icons will change according to themes in background app. If helps to change the icon. Buzz launcher is the best launcher when compare to other launcher it’s so easy to use.

Vistrit: I just love the themes of the app I have used a bunch of launchers but according to me this is the best launcher to customize your phone a track the eyes of your friends. This launcher’s best feature is its floating widget and that’s pretty cool.

Naresh: Still it is not visible under Open apps on Xiaomi’s MIUI. It thus cannot be protected and keeps getting killed which is very frustrating as you wait for it to load up when you press the Home key.

Anshaj: It’s an Application that deserves more then 5 stars , the most amazing app i have ever tried in my entire life , Its a must Download, customization to the next level !! The Best Off all, hats off to the developer, May God give you long life Bro ,thanks for such an idea, I’m so glad an excited about this app, 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

Candace: Love this launcher! Mostly free and I mean only some widgets to spend $ on. I have tried a lot of others but always come back.

Sam: Absolutely unbeatable customization unlocks spectacular potential if you have some patience (some design skills can help too). I’ve been knee-deep into building my own gorgeous custom theme for the past two days and I’ve not once come across a limitation of this app preventing me from accomplishing that goal. Quite the opposite – i was often surprised by the elegant solutions it kept relentlessly dishing out. All this WITHOUT ads!

Saqry: Before I commented that Buzz Launcher only missing Buzz locker. Now is completed. Thank your to Buzz Team. If possible please make when change launcher theme, locker should also change the same theme wallpaper with clock.

Mark: It took a minute to get used to because it is so unique! Now I love it, especially the variety of themes & widgets! Great work.

Gr3yH4m3: Best launcher I’ve ever found. Try it, set all the settings how you like and I can almost guarantee you’ll fall in love with it.

Shaun: I am really liking the customization of this launcher.This is the best launcher I have ever seen. This is the cream of the crop.

MATV: I never give ratings but I love this launcher very much easy to use cool gesture and the layout is super cool I’ve been using this app from 4 years I think or more because of it’s theme I love it Soo much thank u for creating this app developer.

Sam: I cannot set my own pic as wallpaper in multi wall paper section please fix that in the new update.

Sharma: Best launcher. Better than any other launcher. But developer might want to look at arrow or Yahoo aviate launchers for more ideas. Other than that.

Skylark: The best launcher ever! Fast and flexible, you can also customize everything. And without ads, just the best!

Nancy: I have been searching for a unique new launcher, and this sure fits they bill. I love the myriad of features. This will keep me happy experimenting for quite some time. Thank you for a great addition.

Rhusselle: I love this browser.. only it force closes and when i set my transparency to 100% in my app drawer the transitioning is so slow.

Shizuho: I used my Google account to keep all my favorite home packs but all of a sudden it says the app isn’t authorized to connect to Google … so how do I access my favorites now):

Lynette: It requires a little training, but is incredibly awesome, beautiful, fun and customizable. Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you Buzzy!

Mink: i honestly can’t find a launcher better than this!! 💞 been using buzz launcher for 2 years.

Nikhil: Loved this app. It has everything a user expects. It would be better if gestures could work from anywhere instead of just home screen.

Barry: Great Launcher. My phone loads quickly and I love how it looks. Just great knowing there is no other phone that looks like mine. Any feature I could want I have with this app. Thanks!

Jacob: Love this app, but I just upgraded to nougat, and the alphabet scroll on the vertical app drawer is gone. Also I can no longer log in with Google plus.

Randy: Thanks buzz for the amazing launcher you ever made. I really like the home screen effects. Wow!!

Itzz: All in one master piece for all android requirements. Not only a launcher. Rather it does the tasks of lock, app hide etc. Very useful app.

Buzz Launcher Download

You can download the latest version of Buzz Launcher from Google Play Store.

Buzz Launcher APK Download

If you are facing some other problems downloading Buzz Launcher directly from Play Store, you can download Buzz Launcher apk from Here. Please be careful while downloading any apks from certain site as they may be infected with certain malware which could harm your phone. In case, if you can’t install your downloaded Buzz Launcher apk, make sure you have enabled installing apks from your your device settings by going to your Phone Security Settings and then to “Unknown Sources” Mark or Check the “Unknown Sources” to allow installation of Buzz Launcher APK and other Android apks on your device.

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Buzz Launcher Review: Buzz Launcher Download
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