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Download Google Now Launcher (apk) For a Fast and Clean Home Screen

Of all the Android Launchers app, Google Now Launcher is by far the most simple, fast and clean launcher. So if you are looking for a clean launcher which gives a nice designs, upgrade the launcher on your device now. Google Now Launcher works well with all Android devices however you need Android 4.1 (Jelly Bean) or higher running. It is basically a stock android launcher with a built-in Google Now features. For Nexus phones, this launcher comes pre-installed. Google Now Launcher is all about giving users a basic but extremely quick experience with easy access to apps and widgets with just a single tap away. Google Now Launcher app is virtually a personal assistant. It keeps track of your activities, it suggests reading, suggests you places to visit, and supports hands free voice commands. With voice commands features, you can play music, send messages, or pull up maps for navigation and many more features.

googel now launcher

The “Ok, Google” feature can be activated by just saying “Ok, Google” and use simply by asking for information for certain instruction and natural language. Swiping right from the home screen gives context sensitive information in the form of cards. These cards will give directions to events planned, travel information, news based on users interests and many.

google now launcher app

The search functionality gives quick access to apps and widgets in seconds. A-Z list of apps and widgets, with fast scrolling and quick searching of apps on your device and the Play Store. The launcher also gives App Suggestions displaying the app you are looking for.

google now launcher search

Google Now Launcher is not only powerful or customizable, it is a great launcher that doesn’t use a lot of resources. It does exactly what it says, runs smoothly, and doesn’t install unwanted software. Like most Android Launchers apps, Google Now Launcher doesn’t have advanced options for extra gestures or themes, but if you are someone who prefer a simple layout, Google Now Launcher absolutely delivers what you need.

google now launcher screen

Another positive point is that, Google Now Launcher gets a regular updates and you can also pair with Google Keyboard for the full experience. One more thing: Things are a bit in flux right now in terms of the launcher on Nexuses versus Pixels — this launcher may soon take on a new look in the future. Google Now can be installed without rooting the phone, just simply download from the Google Play store and following instructions to get it working.

google now launcher app download

Google Now Launcher Requirements
It requires Android version 4.1 up and running
File Size: 12Mb
Current Version: 1.3.large
In App Purchases: None

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download google now launcher apk


What’s New In Google Now Launcher

Below are some of the new features added in the lastest upadtes.

• Vertical scrolling A-Z apps list with fast scrolling function.
• Search for apps on your device or new ones on the Play Store from the A-Z list.
• App Suggestions use on-device intelligence to bring the apps you’re looking for to the top of your list.
• Folders can now be larger, and can have more than one page.
• Added New Android Marshmallow Wallpapers.

Google Now Launcher Information

Last Update: November 2, 2015
Current Version: 1.3.large
Requirement: It requires Android 4.1 and up
Content Rating: Rated for 3+
Developer: Google Inc.

Response & Comments About Google Now Launcher

Abdul: Great Launcher Customizing text, icon size, app drawer background etc. would be very welcome. Changing the app drawer background to black as opposed to white would probably aid in using less battery power too. The iOS Google now app works better than this one. If I scroll to the bottom to open “more stories” before opening an article in the app or Chrome, when I go to Google now I’m forced to start again from the 1st page and scroll through everything to continue looking at articles that appear after the last one I read.

Dyna: Looks nice doesn’t play well with none google apk. I don’t care for google calendar. But launcher doesn’t recognize my Samsung calendar widget. Why does home screen only scroll right/left but app drawer only up/down. Lack of consistency with some elements of launcher. Would like to change app drawer background to other colors and transparency so i can see my wall papers. I don’t use the google search bar at all would like to remove from the screen.

Jonathan: Really great, clean, love the design runs nicely but please please PLEASE allow us to REMOVE the Google search bar. Would give it all 5 stars but I really dislike not being able to have the option to add/remove not to mention it takes up so much screen space. Maybe at least make it see through? I refuse to switch to a different launcher just to bypass this. Google Now Launcher Settings.

Zetry: All around awesome Go launcher is really well made, it streamlines a lot of the phone and having google now more readily available is convenient. I have noticed some issues though, I have a Samsung s7 and my Samsung themes don’t work with this app launcher, most likely since they’re system apps, however, the last time I updated my phone they did change for the launcher. It would be nice if Google could fix this issue and not hope that there is an update in order to get the themes I want

David: Stock Android but… Love the fact that this is stock Android and I like how everything works. Biggest issue for me is that the Command Center widget on the Droid Turbo 2 has a bug that produces a border around the it after so much time has passed. This happened probably within the last 3-4 months. Please fix the compatibility with the Motorola Droid Turbo 2. It’s already almost the most stock Android you can get compared to all the other “major”manufacturers. I’m on Android 6.0 Marshmallow.

Rendy: Menu app drawer Well i love this google now launcher. The fastest launcher on the store I’ve ever use. But just 1 thing that make sad about it just about the app drawer can not be customize. In my phone Huawei Y3ii 4.5 inch, the app drawer looks 3 X x.x.x that makes me must scrolling down much because my app too much and make i cant go work faster because need scrolling down and again every open the drawer. I would give 5 stars if i can customize my drawer.

Sachin: Amazing! Really cool. I always wanted to use a phone with stock Android UI. I bought a budget phone (Lenovo a6000 plus), which had a crappy launcher. I was quite disappointed. Google Now launcher is the closest to stock Android experience. If only it could change the appearance of scroll down screen too… It would be nice if it can retain home screen layouts of previously used launcher. I would also like to see the icon size in the app drawer to be customization.

Husain: Does the job, and does it well. All the other fancy launchers like Nova, Go, Hola, Arrow, Aviate and the rest may have a better interface and countless customization but Google Now Launcher is free and Ad – free at the same time. After using this for a while I am not able to go back to the stock launcher or any other launchers. It is simple. Everything is where it should be. Microsoft’s Arrow and Nokia’s Z launcher are so basic they should not even be in the ‘beta’ phase, just short of falling apart. Yahoo’s Aviate is a decent attempt.

Patrick: Pretty good launcher I’m using this on my Galaxy Note 5, and I have to say, it’s doing a lot better job than it was a couple years back when I ran it on my LG G3. It was unbearably buggy and felt too plasticy (if that makes sense). Now it’s smooth and the icons on my screen aren’t all mashed together like they were on my G3. It’s nice to have my note 5 feel clean and a bit more simple on the home screen than what TouchWiz had to offer. Honestly can not stand TouchWiz after the Marshmallow update. 5/5 IGN

M. Davis: My Go-To Launcher I installed this launcher on 2 Kit Kat phones and I couldn’t be happier. I use this launcher for its tasteful aesthetics qualities, intelligently designed vertical scrolling App drawer, and for “Any Screen OK Google” support. To be honest, I never enabled the Now features due to the potential hit on my data cap and just not actually needing them. Still, for me and my purposes, this Launcher is perfect and I highly recommend it. My only request, would be for implementation of an optional dark theme.

Alecsandru: Honestly, I think this is a good launcher. It’s basic launcher on my Moto G4 and i’m very pleased with it. It’s fast, fluid and easy to organised. As a former Samsung user, it took me a little bit to get used with the menu. I’d enjoy if Google could modify the Now Launcher a little bit, in the Samsung style, but only because i’d like to arrange the icons in the men u as i please. Still this ain’t a reason for me not to give 5 stars. I’m very satisfied with it and i’d recommend it to whoever thinks about using it as their base or additional launcher.

Foucault: It’s good to have it there But for real….Why isn’t there a ‘search tools’ when I use it and it opens its own browser? Unless it’s something i know will be the top result, I have to exit it and open chrome just so I can google search with tools to pick when to search or by verbatim. And I do a lot of searches that require in the ‘last month’ or ‘last year’ & that option through the launcher would be nice. Surprised you didn’t have it already. I’ll give you 5✡ if you do😁

Daniel: I use this launcher on all my Android devices. Once I installed it on my Samsung Galaxy S8, the app drawer is empty! Please, please fix! This is obviously my favorite launcher. Edit: What you need to do is go to Settings>Lock Screen and Security>Secure Folder>uninstall. Google now won’t work with Samsung KNOX enabled. Without it, it works perfectly, and LIQUID SMOOTH. Enjoy Samsung lovers.

Reza: Quick, Intuitive Google Experience A launcher for those who are happy with their stock Android operating system. Swipe right for cards and that’s about it. The result is one of the best launchers that you can get for both high-end and cheaper Android phones. I wish that swiping up from home would open cards on lower-end devices, instead you have to hold the home key. It relies on personal data and your preferences heavily to deliver a wide variety of Google services. Small, tidy, and packs a punch.

Patrick: Love the simplicity and info I disagree with other reviewers who say it needs more features/customization – there are dozens of other launchers if that’s what you want to do, but I appreciate how simple this is and the quick access to Google Now and I don’t want that to change! P. S. On Samsung devices, it doesn’t seem to like when Knox protection is enabled; sometimes some icons disappear.

RAJAT: Its simple, which is the best thing. It made my phone faster because its the cleanest launcher. Doesn’t need any booster app or stuff like that. Just add more things google please!!! We cannot add favorites more than 5. When I’m placing apps it often does not auto adjusts the apps at that place. There are no customisable options! This launcher is the future! Don’t just make a launcher to experience stock android but to live it!

Andrew: One Issue Having a launcher so good at mimicking a stock android experience is invaluable. But I do often lose my google feed (swiping to the left from the home screen). I’ll get weather and one or two suggestions, but to get the rest of the articles I have to relaunch the Google app or restart the phone.

Helene: Finally came back to it Of course it could be improved but it’s simple and stable, a very good reason for me to come back to it. A possibility to hide applications in the drawer would be a great addition (for those we do not use and can not disable) and hide the search field on home screens as we already have it on now tab. Anyway a good launcher for Google products users.

Matt: Great on the 5x Excited about the integration of hardware and app software along with marshmallow. Just a few things…BIGGEST ISSUE no way to hide apps! Also, please enable voice function of Google services on phones and tablets to transfer music or video to Chrome cast “ok Google, cast my music/video to (name of cast device)”. Maybe get “ok Google” voice search for Netflix and other streaming video services. And make the “ok Google” voice recognition totally customizable, I tried recording “Hey Google” and had no luck.

Sebastian: I love this app! I think this app is amazing and borderline life changing! It tells me everything from where I parked to how long it’ll take to get home from wherever I am! My only suggestion would be to add a read later button for articles in the stories section because sometimes I don’t have time but would like to read something then I come back and it’s gone. Besides that I absolutely love this app! Keep it up Google!

Cameron: Notification Badges and Missing Apps The notification badges that are present with most other launchers (including stocks like Touchwiz and HTC Sense) are unavailable here. Bring them back. I also noticed that some of the Samsung content, like “Samsung Apps”, are no longer available under the launcher. I’d still like some Samsung spice in this Now meal. Two small tweaks for a big impact, otherwise this is a PERFECT launcher.

Bill: Breathed new life into my phone I have a Sony Z3C which frequently got hot, couldn’t pin it down to any one app. Tried Google Now out of interest, wow, loads more responsive, back to 2 day battery life and no overheating. Plus it’s a Google app so well trusted.

Sam: Almost 5 stars but my default messaging app Textra, its icon is always disappears in the home screen when I exit from another app. And some of my widgets does not appear in my widget library like my calendar widget. I hope you guys could fix this then I would make it 5 stars. But on the brighter side, it made my grand prime phone more faster. Thanks for this app.

Hana: This worked great with my Note 3 – simple interface very well integrated with my other Google products. Unfortunately, after upgrading my phone to the S7 Edge running Marshmallow, it has lost some important functionality – namely the direct dial widgets. I’ve noticed that this app hasn’t been updated in nearly a year, which tells me this launcher is no longer being supported. Too bad 🙁

Richard: Appeared great on Galaxy S8 but unfortunately could not find the phone app to use the phone, tried many times installing the phone app to the home screen then installing now launcher but phone app always disappeared. Then picked a new phone app from play store that worked well. Still meany apps are gone from phone not even in app drawer. Still could uninstall and the re-install. But unfortunately the USB charging port will no longer work with a DAC amplifier.

Kyle: Not bad. Pretty decent replacement launcher. Not as customizable as Nova Launcher or GOLauncher, but those are in separate categories anyways. This launcher serves its purpose strictly as an easier, more intuitive way to utilize the Google Now feature already built into Android phones. However, as always, this launcher is a year behind Google’s other main apps and is need of an update. Not cosmetically, but with the release of Nougat upon us.

Lady: Love the ease of use and all the voice commands. Do notice a periodic issue where it stops functioning properly, like stalling, and I have to uninstall and reinstall in order for it to work again.. May be to do with updates to other apps that are used in conjunction. Uninstall/reinstall has always worked so far (2x… about to do my 3rd since first installing the app in late 2015/early 2016)

Arif: Great Google experience. Keep up the good work google. I have few android devices and I have Google launcher on all of them to give me the same user experience on all of the devices. Love the easy access to my travel, weather cards etc. Only thing needed now is the google pixel features. For those moaning about customization and icon packs etc. The whole point of the google launcher is to give you a stock google interface on your non Google android devices.

Google Now Launcher Download

Download the latest version from Google Play Store. Open your Google Play from your device, on the search bar type Google Now Launcher and tap on the enter icon. Select from the result list and tap on the install button. Downloads and installation process will takes only a few seconds, however it might depends on the speed of your internet connection. Get Google Now Launcher from Play Store.

Google Now Launcher Apk Download

Be careful where you download Android Apps apks, some apks are infected with worms, so they can infect your phone with viruses. It is recommended to download Google Now Launcher apk only from Apk Mirror site Here. in case, if you are unable to install your downloaded apk, just make sure that you have enabled your phone to allow installation of application manually. Just to make sure that that you have enabled this feature, go to your phone’s Settings, Under settings go to Unknown Sources, tick or check that box to allow installation of apks.


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