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Nova Launcher is one of the highly customizable, performance driven launcher apps, which has been around for years. It is one of the best android launcher apps available on the app store. Nova Launcher is no doubt the top launcher apps for modern Android, embracing the full material design throughout. Nova Launcher is designed to be fast, highly optimized to do it’s work quickly and quietly, keeping the animations smooth and letting you use your phone as fast as you can move your fingers. To unlock some extra features, you will need to use along with Nova Launcher Prime.

Some of Nova Launcher features are Icon Themes, it has one of the largest collection of icon themes on the Play Store. Unlike many other android launchers, Nova has a Sub grid positioning which gives much greater control than standard launchers. Nova Launcher Prime allows you to snap icons or widgets half way through the desktop grid cells easily. It has the ability to change the colors for labels, folders, unread badges, drawer tabs and backgrounds. You can also be able to adjust the background transparency. Use gestures to swipe up, double tap, etc. to easily launch your apps.

Nova launcher prime

Like other launcher apps, it has a customize App Drawer to create Custom tabs, Vertical or Horizontal scrolling along with Custom effects. You can create up to a maximum of 12 columns and rows, also adjust the size of the margins on the top, bottom, left and right. Nova Launcher grouped widgets by app, so it makes it much faster to use and get access to your apps much quicker. Infinite scroll – Never far from your favorite page, loop through the desktop or drawer continuously.

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nova launcher download

Nova Launcher Prime also have Backup and Restore functionality, this backup/restore features allows you to backup your desktop layout and launcher settings. So could bring it whenever you want your old home screen designs. Google Drive integration. You can also back up your Nova layouts and themes directly to the cloud service of your choice, and restore backups directly from the cloud, too. It comes with a Scrollable Dock to create multiple docks and scroll between apps or widgets. Users can also place any widget in the dock, such as a 4×1 music player widget. It also comes with advanced import function to import Layouts, so you don’t need to rebuild your desktop from scratch, Nova Launcher can import for you from the most popular launchers. Including the one that came with your phone.

nova launcher apk

Nova Launcher Prime

Nova Launcher Prime will Unlock the following extra features by purchasing Nova Launcher Prime. It acts as a license to unlock these features in the free Nova Launcher App. To Unlock these features through Nova Prime, you will need to install Nova Launcher first. With Nova Primes you get Gestures – Swipe, pinch, double tap and more on the home screen to open your favorite apps. Unread Counts notification so you will never miss a message. Unread count badges for Hangouts, SMS, Gmail and more using the TeslaUnread plugin. Custom Drawer Groups to create new tabs or folders in the app drawer. You can even hide Apps to keep a clean app drawer by hiding rarely used apps, setting custom actions for swiping on app shortcuts or folders along with more scroll effects.

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Requirements of Nova Launcher

Requirements: Nova Launcher requires Android Version4.0 and up.
File Size: Varies with device
In App Purchases: None


nova launcher


Users Feedback & Comments

John: The Best Launcher for Android I’ve been using Nova Launcher Prime for the past 4 years and I’ve never been happier with an Android launcher. The best part of it is that you can arrange the speed of opening apps and you can customize icons and resize widgets just the way you want them. The Nova Launcher is very fast and it sure is much better than touch wiz for Samsung. I used Nova Launcher on the Galaxy s4 for 2 years and I’m currently using it on my Note 5 which has been 2 years also. I definitely recommend this for Samsung users.

Anthony: Most launchers that come on phone are rubbish. One the truly great things about Android, and the thing that keeps bring me back year on year, is the ability to customize your own experience to suit you, and not have someone else tell you how to use your phone or tablet. Nova Launcher Prime is the best launcher I have used and easily the most customisable. There are others which are superb, but none have the ability to get into the nuts and bolts as much as this one does. Keep up the great work.

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Joz: If you want options, this is the way to go. I’ve used this on every device I’ve purchased since it came out and Nova Launcher Prime has never failed me. Thanks for the quality work on this and all your other apps! As a feedback on the new dynamic badges. Is there a way we could explore experimenting with the ability to have them even larger? This old man’s eyesight isn’t getting any better! Thanks!

Pedro: Best launcher out there! I was skeptical on installing this app since I’ve been using action launcher 2 pro for quite a while. I had no idea how much you can customize Nova launcher to make the Android experience truly unique! I decided to give it a try and can attest its simply outstanding and there is no substitute to this launcher. I downloaded the free version but immediately knew I had to go with prime, which I did. The UI is awesome and the customization seems endless. You’ll love it!

Jerry: Get it and you will not regret it! This is my most used app and I have used it for just about every android device I have owned. Without rooting my device I can personalize and streamline just about everything I do on the phone. I really hope the developer continues to keep the app current and maybe throw in something new every so often. Honestly: this is among the top five paid apps I own.

Mark: Awesome app. Saves your home screen settings and organizes apps so that you don’t lose your mind due to Android’s cluttered way of handling apps. One of the best features is the ability to lock the home screen (and easily open it by long pressing a button) so that your icons don’t disappear to other screens (or nowhere), as they are wont to do on Android. I was about 1 day from giving up on Android and defecting to the iPhone when I found this app!

Sean: Simply amazing. The look, feel, gestures, and overall performance are all above anything else I’ve used. Add to that, the one time I emailed support (at 10pm CST no less) I had a response in under 5 minutes, my settings tested, and continued immediate responses until resolved and this is more than worth the price of admission!

Diego: Long time user! Simply spectacular Long time user! This app has always been spectacular, especially if you learn about all the awesome features! Works well with no fuss and lets you set up exactly what you want. Great job. I have one request. Add an option to have the desktop NOT slide up slightly when opening the immersive app drawer please have an option for the desktop to just fade (for example) as the drawer slides up I think this would look much cleaner

Stephen: Yes!!! THIS is what I’ve been looking for!! All the features I want and it’s fast and stable!! If used (and bought) ADW and GO Launcher EX but THIS IS IT. Definitely check this out!! Update: you need to fix the swipe gestures in landscape mode. I have my music played on a group I swipe off of and I can never get it to work right. Portrait? Flawless. Landscape? Constantly have to go into my drawer to launch apps.

Hockeyman: Still one of the Best! The stock launchers are boring and plain. Nova Launcher Prime is one of the very best and popular launchers and will continue to be, I’m sure. So many customization apps, widgets and templates are available and there are a ton of tutorials and videos of how-to’s, tips and tricks that you’ll never run out of cool and interesting things to do on your Android. Keep up the good work, eh?

Vikas: Android launcher par excellence. Tried all launchers and came back to this every time. Allows us to reduce icon sizes. Permits us to modify the label text fonts. Utilizes very less battery and storage space. Launches fast. Allows to assign different actions to gestures like double tap, swipe up the screen, or down etc. This App has more customization than you have hair on your head.

Paul: Have tried various launchers. Being extremely fussy and anal about a good ui I wanted the best. I can safely say this will transform your whole user experience. This is hands down the best launcher on the market. I have paid for the upgraded version which is well worth it. It’s fast, snappy, and comes with the best customization I’ve seen. Also this is the first review I have ever wrote about an app as I don’t write reviews or normally bother….but this app simply must be shouted about. Excellent!!!

Chris: Started using this launcher after a friend of mine recommended it. Took a few days to get used to it but I ended up buying it. There are so many different customization options but haven’t had the chance to try them all out yet. I’m loving this launcher and highly recommend it to anyone who loves having endless customization options. I mean that’s why most of us choose Android over the competitors.

Lee: The best Launcher around. Powerful. Not cluttered. Highly customisable. Sadly it lacks any decent fonts, has no universally applied icon sizes (to save time) and has zero AMOLED features. Only a few things can be turned true black, but sadly not everything can. It’s getting there and fortunately this Launcher hasn’t yet been ruined by an in app store, but until there are a few more customizing features I cannot give 5*.

Ankit: This is the best Launcher I’ve used. It is fast, highly customisable and doesn’t slow down the system. Couple of things I’d recommend as improvements: 1. Make background Blurry when opening a folder or app drawer 2. Create option of a universal search bar that integrates with the system after getting permission to access contacts, media, etc. Overall, great job team!

Cena: Love this! Got it on the Christmas sale last year, only thing is that once i updated​ my Z5 to Nougat when i press the home button a 2nd time i don’t get into the mode where i can edit my home panels and such, and i already have that setting on where the 2nd tap on the home button should action, also, love the gestures!! Just wish for gesture screen lock there​ was an option to lock the screen immediately and still be able to use fingerprint unlock, otherwise, this launcher is awesome!!!

Arent: Best launcher available! After I tried lots of alternatives, I use Nova Launcher Prime for many years now. There is just no better one. Rock solid, never fails, lots of useful and fun features, highly customisable, worked on every Android phone and version I ever owned. Although the free version already has more power and features than I need, I bought the Prime version three years ago. These developers deserve to be paid for this quality product. Thank you!

Jamie: The best. Love it! Just checking in to say that this is indeed still the best launcher. I got my husband to use it, and he’s an ex iPhone user that refuses to modify the “vanilla experience”. He loves it too. He was sold when I pointed out that he won’t have to get used to new random crap with phone updates lol. Simple to use but as feature rich as you want it to be. Great stuff! Keep it up, you’re consistently awesome.

Eric: Just bought this and really like it a lot. I love all the options and settings to customize and really enjoy the Marshmallow icons. There is one thing that needs to be added is some kind of auto hide navigation bar from bottom or something like that it hides when not using phone and then brings the navigation up when doing something on the phone. I would be even more happy if that feature was added. I will still give 5 stars for the app but please add some kind of auto hide navigation bar to it. Kind of annoying to see the navigation bar always there all the time.

D4n21: I have been using Nova Launcher Prime for a long time now, but I finally decided to try out prime. All I can say is AMAZING! I didn’t think getting prime would be so useful at first but now my phone is SO CLEAN. My desktop is now just one home screen with access to the calendar by clicking the date. (this is a regular feature of nova). But then I also went to my app drawer and hid ALL the apps not on the apps bar on the bottom of the home screen. Plus it allows you to group apps into folders I your app drawer. I also removed the app drawer icon and just a use a swipe up gesture and now I use swipe down to get to settings. I’m

Ashley: BEST BEST BEST Not sure how many times I have written this review. But just had to say it again. It’s difficult to explain how intricacy and simplicity can be part of the same package. It’s blooming brilliant!!! Soooo fast!!!! One suggestion please improve the tesla badge count – it lags to show straight away the number of unread messages. Otherwise thank you developers.

Ben: Have now used for around 3 years, have tried others but Nova Launcher Prime seems to have it all. Currently have this on an LG V20 but have tried on 3 other LG flagships and a Samsung Galaxy S7 (hate the touchwiz launcher). I love that even on different branded phones, both can look similar. Simple backup feature, unbeatable customization and feature packed, really great programming! All the options might seem a little daunting at first but well worth it. Don’t be cheap, get the prime version, worth it just for the notification badges.

Andrew: The best and only launcher that I use. All my apps are hidden. My shortcuts are used to the max. No one can figure out how to use my mobile. I have total privacy. I have tried a few other launchers, some claim to be faster. May be true, however, none are as versatile. furthermore, Nova copies existing settings while you still have to configure the others. Go TeslaCoil.

Jen: Still the best app on the market. I’ve been using this app since day one (I used to work at Samsung as a new hardware Dev tester for all carriers) and it’s always the first thing I download. Pixel is making a strong run, with their new launcher. But Nova still offers more customization. You guys and gals do need to up your game a little though and innovate! Thank you for all you do.

Jamie: This launcher is great! I’ve used a lot of launchers to really customize my phone, but this one takes the cake. I didn’t mind paying a couple bucks more to unlock all the features. The app drawer customization where you can make new tabs and folders for your apps for deeper organization is amazing.

Dolores: Great app and the team behind it. I had an issue with my Xiaomi mi5s plus (the badges weren’t showing up properly) so I contacted the dev and got an update within a couple of hours which fixed it right up. I’m loving the app and now my Xiaomi feels just right. I’ve never before bought an app and I must say : Money well spent!

Denis: 15 seconds and blow away Been playing around with this for a good 3 hours seeing what I like best it’s amazing. You can customize anything on your phone and make it yours. This is a great app and it’s worth every penny. No wonder it gets such high praise. I feel like an idiot missing out on all these years without it.

DyLan: A simple yet surprisingly feature filled launcher. Very easy on the eyes when u customize it to your tastes but I does require tinkering here n there. Not to mention easy on the system itself. Only cons I have with this launcher is that the apps don’t auto group into categories on the home screen yet. Hope that will be implemented in the future. All in all a very good launcher. Recommended.

Cameron: The best launcher possible. The free version is good enough, but there’s one particular reason I got prime (besides supporting the devs): gestures. I can launch apps by double tapping the home screen, double tapping and moving my finger up or down, swiping two fingers up and down, and so on. It’s saved me a ton of time. If you’re on the fence about this: buy it. You won’t regret it.

Ryan: I love Nova Launcher Prime. I’m hooked for life now and won’t use the default launcher on any of my phones from now on. I had to replace my phone recently and the stock launcher was terrible. I love all the shortcuts and clean look of Nova Launcher Prime. Being able to remove icons and other apps from the screens and then using gestures for shortcuts is such a nice option. And I also love the scrolling dock and Desktop screens, the revolving door effect is awesome! Thanks Nova Launcher Prime!

Dakota: I love everything about Nova Launcher Prime, besides the fact that the app folder size cannot be changed. Folders are constantly bigger than the other apps, no matter how much I resize apps. Please add an option to resize the folders, or just make them the same size as other apps on the screen! I’m not the only one that’s been having this issue.

Lord: Long time favorite I’ve been using Nova for over a year now and I’m not looking back. I started on a Samsung phone and it makes TouchWiz look like trash. I have a Google Pixel now, and even though Google’s UI is functional and tasteful, Nova’s ability to use icon packs combined with its customizability won me over once again within a week.

Kaipo: Great app! Lots or customization options in here, looks stock. The best one out there! Some suggestions: ability for pill to split into Voice and Search button. Also sometimes icons will revert back to their original icon (name and icon applied will be undone)

Claude: If you love your Android. Then this will make it yours. Unique like you . You have to experience it to understand. It like getting a new phone that cast thousands. When my family and friend see my phone they think I’m some phone Guru or a developer. It’s fun ,it’s easy ,it’s amazing. And you can go back to your old boring way at any time . Nothing is permanent

Jack: Worth every penny! After using the free version for a bit, I decided to pay for the full version and I’m glad I did. Many people are willing to pay £1.50-3.00 for a cup of coffee, but not for an excellent app regularly updated with new features for unique setups. Admittedly, I probably paid for this with Google survey credit, but for those who are unsure about spending real money, I think you get a 2 minute refund window; you might as well try it.

Tim: Just plain awesome I am one that has an Android purely for the fact I am able to customize and truly make it my own. Nova Launcher Prime makes it simple and easy to do. I’ve been using for over a year now, even switching phones due to one being stolen, and can honestly say I’ve never had an issue or even thought about trying another launcher.

Jeswin: It’s a good launcher. Customizability is great. The gesture customization in prime version is quite a limitation. Only some predetermined functions can be activated and they aren’t all that impressive. So free version is enough. But I give it 3 stars because it’s draining my battery life. My S7 edge only requires charging every other day with my usage. Ever since I installed this I’ve been needing to charge it twice a day! Probably would rate it 2.5 stars just for the battery issue.

Connor: I don’t usually write reviews, but this launcher is so good I just had to. I have an LG phone, and I’m not a big fan of the skin that they use over Android. I got Nova launcher to solve that and it worked perfectly! It offers great customization, and got the paid version 2 weeks after installing. This really is a great launcher for anybody, from an Android beginner to avoid users who like tweaking every setting.

Mesak: One of the best purchase I made so far. But there is a couple things I need to see in this app. Can you give us an option to disable home screen long press window? Also I would like to have an option for being able to use multiple wallpapers, different for each home screen.

Nate: The absolute best launcher I’ve used. Smooth, flawless, and very high quality – completely changes the look of your phone (in a good way!) and gives you complete control over its appearance. Such careful attention to details, neat tricks that improve ease of use and appearance – some personal favorites are the night mode, changing app icons, folders, font choices, transition animations… It’s all there. I don’t think I could ever go back to vanilla android after having this, it’d be like eating a pizza without any cheese on it. Many blessings to the developers behind this.

Download Nova Launcher from Play Store

Download the latest version of Nova Launcher from Google Play

Nova Launcher Prime Download

Open your Google Play and search for Nova Prime, see from the search results, select Nova Prime. Please note that Nova prime is not a stand alone app, you will need to install Nova Launcher first. Get Nova Prime from Play Store.

Nova Launcher Prime apk Download

Please note that downloading apks from external sources or various sites may contain virus which may harm your phone, you are recommended only from AkpMirror Here. If you couldn’t install it, please check your settings to allow installation of applications out of Play Store. To enable this feature, go to Phone Settings>Security>Unknown Sources, check or select the box on the Unknown Sources. If you have any problem installing Nova Launcher Prime apk please let us know in the comments below.


Last Updated on August 16, 2017.

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