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Smart Launcher 3 & Smart Launcher Pro 3 APK Download

As the name itself, Smart Launcher organises all the apps in a simple and smart circular layout. It just display only 6 user-selected apps, date and time and hides everything else from the home screen view. It’s smart and keeps things simple. It uses very little resources which is gives a good performance and saving your battery power. It has a minimalist design. Smart Launcher 3 offers free and paid versions with zero in app purchases. The free version is good enough to make your home screen looks nice. Smart Launcher 3 supports both free and premium themes to compliment its already sophisticated look. Smart Launcher 3 is an innovative launcher that makes your Android more intuitive and well organized. It is one of the most poplar launcher apps for Android which has been downloaded by over 20 million people. It may look a bit simple for some, but it’s powerful and works very well.

smart launcher 3

Setting up and using is easy, as soon as you launch Smart Launcher 3 for the first time you will begin the setup process it will be up and running in no time. Smart Launcher 3 features notifications on the home screen and tons of free themes with icon packs and widgets to customize your home screen. It also comes with some security features like password protected applications and hide apps from the apps grid, and there are also even plugins. All your apps can be quickly access with just a single tap, and double tap on an icon to start a second app. It also supports gestures which can be enabled to perform Smart Launcher actions or just to open apps.

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Smart Launcher 3 also provides a lock screen to maintain an overall cohesive design on your Android device. It is optional for those that still want to use their stock lock screen. All your apps list is automatically sorted by categories so you don’t to arrange them. It has a Search bar for quick search in apps, contacts and web. You can also turn off the screen with a double tap or just by leaving your device on a flat surface. It also has an Integrated lock screen with notifications. There is also an extra download called Plugin Notifications that allows for the function of notification counts on the users app icons in the drawer and shortcuts on the home screen. It is available for Smart Launcher 3 and 2 versions as well.

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Smart Launcher 3 is a highly personalizable, so you can also customize how the app drawer looks in several interesting ways. Tons of themes and lock screens, support for almost all icon packs that are meant for ADW Launcher, Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher, and LauncherPro. The app allows you to download and enable only the features you want to use. It is optimized to be comfortably used both in portrait and landscape mode. It runs on almost every Android device and it is a community driven development. You can also Now you can get Smart Launcher Pro 3 as in-app purchase from Smart Launcher 3 Free, for this you don’t need to install a separate app anymore. The Pro version unlocks the full potential of Smart Launcher. Exclusive features, even more customization and full control on the categories system.

smart launcher

Smart Launcher 3 Requirements
It requires Android version 2.2 up and running.
File Size: Varies with device
In App Purchases: Yes

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Responses & Feedback on Smart Launcher

Marcin: Went for a bit to nova and action launcher but came back to Smart Launcher after couple of minutes. Other launchers just copy layout from google and apple devices with some added extras, and I like to think different so this launcher is just perfect. Not 5 stars but 6 stars for continued support and adding very useful features. Just little question if it possible to make animation when switching to widget section more smooth, kind of blending move, similar to when switching to categorized apps.

Ciej: It’s simply the best. I have been using it for years now. But I would like to see a side bar style widget panel and have it scroll-able up and down similar to action launcher.

Raúl: Such a great launcher, sincerely, I only got one little problem with the double tap on screen to block the cellphone, it looks like isn’t locked at all, but beside of that, the launcher is pretty good.

Velma: Excellent launcher. Only suggestion would be some customization to the widget pages, such as rotation, cube in or out, accordion etc. Rather than just flat scrolling. Yes, the widget pages have a slight delay in loading and it would be much better to have some animation when turning the widget pages. It is a little dull at the moment. Otherwise, an outstanding launcher.

Hughes: Bought this app way back in 2013 I think, shortly after it was launched, it had very few features then and it’s come a long way, it is hands down the BEST launcher available if you’re looking for simplicity and organization, if I had to spend the money all over again I would, I can’t recommend it enough. Thanks for your hard work all these years Smart Launcher Team!

Faouaz: I’m using this nice app since 2014. The only irritating things about it is that we can’t move the clock anywhere else so once a pic is uploaded as background image, the clock covers the person’s face.

CapDan: Great, but I want to see it improved. This is the best launcher app in the world in my opinion. Looks really great and works really we’ll, but I would love to see improvements. 1.) You need to make the widgets screen seem more natural. Sliding into the widgets screen is not fluid or natural, and it takes too much time to load the widgets. It feels like it restarts every time I use it and all my widgets take time to load. This shouldn’t be. It need to feel more like a natural home screen, one that displays your widgets instantly and doesn’t stutter before you switch to the screen. 2.) Please give us the ability to move the apps inside of our drawers so we can organize them outside of.

Mike: Bought it a long time ago and ditched it…came back and now it is my go to launcher. Love the customization. Like I have a new phone. Awesome, y’all!

Louie: Bought this 2 years ago. I have a few suggestions that would really give us the best experience.1.) make the switching from widget page and especially edge swiping to app drawer smoother and more fluid. 2.) can you make options to change the view of app drawer? That would be very awesome. Thanks and keep it up SL team.

Jason: Honestly the best launcher I’ve used. Easily customized. I would like one addition though: can you add a sub category? Eg having a shopping label as usual on left, but then having a choice of online, store, food etc categories? Saves on categories on the left.

H Fisher: Absolutely fantastic launcher, I can no longer do without it. Keeps getting better with every update, thanks for all your hard work.

Gerry: Very good – I love that can now open chrome, 3-dot menu and save to home – then place it in my drawer. Great work

Lisa: This is seriously the best launcher. Great customizations. I’ve tried them all and this one wins hands down. Could we get option of an extra widget on home screen?

Anthony: I’ve tried quite a few launchers but always come back to this one. The layout is really good and easy to navigate.

Niezam: I buy this apps on 2013 & then used about 3 month and uninstall it because it was suck that years, last week I install back & I love it so much with new features & so useful.

Vaidas: Fast, without lag, organized, user friendly and highly effective.

Sebastián: I really like this launcher but when I activated the double tap to turn off when I go to use my fingerprint to unlock my phone the device administrator will prevent my fingerprint to unlock the phone 🙁

Fabian: I have been using it for years now because of its simple design and effectiveness. I love it!

Pallavi: Its one of the most amazing theme i ever used. After few month of free use i bought the paid one. Its more amazing. And i can’t believe my android phone without this theme. Thank you developers for making such a beautiful one.

Inder: The best theme I have ever experienced. All the mobile users should use and see the perfect developed theme. 5 star.

John: Love the simplicity of this app. It reduces the clutter… Just what I want!

Ashley: This is the app I make all of my friends download the first time they look at my phone in amazement. This is, without a doubt, the most functional, simplest, most GORGEOUS and customizable launcher on the market. I have been using this to unuglify my Android phones for years. Across those years there was been ONE problem: the quick launch options have not increased at the rate I would like. I believe there are 4-5 options right now and I’d be happy for a few more, especially on the pro version. A triangle seems like a simple enough add, and it is really the one I am looking for. This launcher allows me to completely alter the appearance of my phone on a rapid basis, so keeping the options fresh would make it even better. Thanks for a truly spectacular launcher.

Chopra: Beautiful. This UI is what my phone should have had from factory. It reminds me of my old LG Viewty. Simple reliability without too many unnecessary processes to slow it down. ‘ Flower’ is an ingenious touch. RECOMMENDED. Update: Please stop trying to spy. You really don’t need to read my contacts list.

Edd: This is the best launcher on Android for me. Whenever I get a new phone the first thing I do is set Smart Launcher as my default launcher. It’s simple, fast, flexible and easily customizable. If there are features that another launcher has then one neat feature is that you can launch another launcher from smart launcher ! This is very well designed and arguably the easiest launcher to master and use.

Chris: I’ve been using this for a few years now. I kinda forgot about it after my latest phone upgrade to the S7 Edge. I started experiencing sluggish response while using the stock TouchWiz Launcher so I installed Smart Launcher Pro again. My phone sprang back to life. It’s very responsive now. All the lag is gone. I really like the way it sets up the home screen for quick access to my most used apps.

Enggar: Hello, I’ve been using this launcher since 2015 and countering no problems at all. But since the last update, every time I turn on my device, the screen turns black and message pops up: “smart launcher is not responding, do you want to close it?”. If I choose “wait”, the screen stays black. If I choose “ok”, message pops up again and I have to choose smart launcher or the device default launcher. I pick smart launcher and choose the option to make the smart launcher to be my default launcher and voila, there’s the smart launcher on my device working again. This problem happens every time I turn on my device. Please kindly fix this. My device is Galaxy Note 3 with 5.0 android version. Swift help would be Very much appreciated. Thank you so much. Update review July 4th 2017: thank you very much for the swift fix. The black screen is problem no more. The launcher works beautifully. Again,

Blake: I really love this launcher. I been using it for years. They have made great improvements since the very beginning. One thing I would like to know is how do I make my own themes? I have a theme that I melded from prior themes but wish I can enhance my experience more saving the theme for my other devices.

Given: This is great. The way the apps are organised makes for easy access and some much needed order. As if you need it because the search bar on the Home screen is amazing. I use it to find apps and contacts. So simple. It’s easy to customize. This is honestly my go to launcher om for any phone get. I recently downloaded it for my girlfriend, she too loves it. So thank you… Really… This is some great work!!

Nick: Wish there was some sort of tutorial to show all the features. It took me some time to find them all myself. Otherwise, amazing and definitely the best launcher out there.

Space: This launcher is better than a highly customized Nova launcher. I used paid Nova for years and tried many other launchers before that, but this ease of use, low memory, fast fluid operation, no more than 3 clicks to anywhere, a clean no icon (hidden) home page, smart gestures, and a ton of other customization options are available with Smart Launcher Pro. Other commenting users run into issues due to lack of understanding and their answer is usually an option or two away in the menu. Get it Today!

Jim: UPDATE: After using this for a few days, I’m VERY impressed. It’s freed up a lot of RAM that Nov Launcher was eating up. This is very lightweight, and yet very feature-packed with tons of options in a small footprint. My only critique is that there is unused/wasted space where a “dock” normally resides in other launchers. I’d love to be able to drop a couple app icons or small widgets there. Otherwise, highly recommend.

Tiddly: Simple, unique design and auto-organization of all of your apps mixed with customizable themes and app icons make this launcher the best. And no I was not paid to say this. EDIT – What happened to the link to the store in the app drawer? Now it opens a “recommended apps” screen. Why? I don’t want to be advertised to. It’s why i bought the full version. DOUBLE EDIT – Sorry, this was fixed a long time ago. Just forgot to update the review. Thanks for the reply though! Just goes to show that you really do care about your product. This has been my favorite launcher for almost two years. Had it on every Android smartphone I’ve ever owned. The style may look a little dated, but that it’s absolutely no problem when considering it’s raw functionality. Totally worth the price tag.

Download Smart Launcher 3

You can download the latest version of Smart Launcher 3 from Google app store for free. Just open your Play and type Smart Launcher 3 on the search bar an tap enter. From the results, just tap on the Smart Launcher 3 and install it. Get Smart Launcher 3 from Play Store.

Smart Launcher Pro 3 Download.

Get Smart Launcher Pro 3 from Play Store

Smart Launcher 3 Pro APK Download.

Download Smart Launcher 3 Pro APK from Here. Please be careful while downloading apks from other sites. They may come infected with virus which could harm your phone. Before installation of apk, make sure that you have enabled “Unknown Sources” to allow installation of apks.

Last Update on August 16, 2017.

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